You might be from Florida if:

You think all Pro football teams should have pirate ships or aquatic mammals in their end zones!

You know all the 4 seasons:
Hot, Hot and Humid,Hurricane and Snow Bird.

You live less than 30 miles from a beach.

You know what a grouper really is, and have a recipe for one.

"Toward the north" means "north" and "toward the coast" means everything else."

You can spell words like Okeechobe, Tallahassee and Kissimmee.

"Vacation" means spending a day away from people on vacation.

Your school classes were canceled because the A/C broke.

Your school classes were canceled because "surfs up, dude".

You've never had to switch from "A/C" to "heat" in the same year.

You think that the major four food groups as beef, fish, fruit, and umbrella drinks.

You carry a cooler in your car.

You know what 'soda' is.

You design your kid's Halloween costume to fit over a bathing suit.

Driving is better in the summer because the snowbirds went back up north.

The local paper covers national and international headlines on one page but requires 6 pages for obituaries.

You actually get these jokes, then copy them and forward 'em to your Florida friends.